Crossing from Israel to Jordan from Eilat at Arava Rabin Border Crossing

Crossing from Israel to Jordan at the Arava Border Crossing (Itzhak Rabin Crossing), just a few kilometers north of Eilat and Aqaba is a simple process but something which we receive a large number of questions about, so we’ve prepared this guide to help you understand the process and feel at ease.

Starting in Eilat and arriving at the Border

Our driver will pick you from your hotel or address in Eilat and you’ll transfer to the border crossing which is a few kilometers north of the city. Arriving at the crossing, you’ll be given a sticker, and meet your border assistant. You’ll have two border assistants during this process, one on the Israeli side and another on the Jordanian side.

Entering the border between Israel and Jordan

As you enter the border area, your border assistant will collect the border tax from you, which is currently $65 per person. It’s best to come with this in US Dollars (or Israeli Shekels) in cash, to save time.This fee covers the exit from Israel, and entry back into Israel after your tour. If you have not pre arranged Jordan visa, and you plan to stay in Jordan less than 2 nights, a visa fee of 60 USD will also apply. The assistant will guide you to the Israeli customs control, where you will receive your exit stamp. Whilst you approach the counter, the assistant will handle the border taxes and present you with your exit tax receipt. The border process is pretty smooth, but like any border, there are times when there can be a wait, so we advise all our guests to relax and be patient. Our assistant will be there in case of any questions or concerns.

Crossing from Israel into Jordan. Welcome to Jordan

Crossing from Israel into Jordan. Welcome to Jordan

Exiting Israel and Entering into Jordan

Our assistant will walk with you up to the last point in Israel which is the exit from the duty free store at the border terminal. After exiting the store, there is a short walk (200 meters or so), from the Israeli to Jordanian terminal. As you leave Israel, the assistant will call his Jordanian colleague to tell him that you are on the way over.

Entering Jordan

Our Jordanian border assistant will meet you at the entrance to Jordan, and guide you through the Jordanian side. Again, there might be a short wait whilst he takes cares of the bureaucratic matters, during which time he will usually guide you to sit under the shade. Don’t worry, the process is being taken care of, but a few minutes of patience might be required. Once the assistant returns, he’ll guide you through the passport control, and then out of the terminal to begin your tour.

The process of crossing from Israel to Jordan via the Arava (Rabin) Crossing, usually takes no longer than one hour, but delays do happen from time to time. Don’t worry if there’s a delay, we build extra time into the tours to make sure that we can ensure you still will enjoy the same amount of time in Petra. And for those who crossed a long time ago from Israel to Jordan, don’t worry, the process of crossing the border has improved greatly and long delays are no longer to be expected.

Getting to Petra

Once you cross the border you’ll head straight to Petra for your tour of the site. More details about our tours from Eilat to Petra can be found here. Our tours to Petra depart daily from Eilat, and include the full border assistance service described here.