PetraofficialPlease check out answers to many of our most common questions below:

Do I Need a Visa to Enter Jordan?
Most nationalities do not require a visa to enter Jordan, with the visa being issued at the border. For those who do, we are usually able to help with these arrangements as part of the tour service. See the full article.

What do your prices include?
Each of our tour clearly states what is included in the price and not. Generally speaking, our tours include everything except for the border tax – this means guiding, transport, and entrance fees (on all tours), and where applicable, overnight accommodation, flight transfers, and meals.

Which kind of hotels do you use?
All of our tours use a minimum of 3-star hotel and have a 4 out of 5, or higher score on TripAdvisor. The regular hotel we use at Petra is generally considered to be 4-star. We often change hotels due to seasons and demand, but are happy to give you an exact hotel name for your trip if you contact us with dates.

What is the Bedouin Campsite in Wadi Rum?
Many expect something rough and ready, but in reality the Bedouin Camp we use in Wadi Rum is very comfortable, and we constantly hear from those who took the hotel option, that they regret not choosing the camp. The camp has tents (all with electricity), chalets (with air conditioning and electricity), and even VIP chalets (suites in the desert). All rooms have electricity and proper beds. We have prepared some more information and photos.

How do Kosher Travellers Visit Petra?
We try to accommodate everybody, so we’ve got some answers for those with Kosher food requirements. Read more

How does the border crossing work from Eilat to Jordan?
The border crossing process is pretty simple and stress-free. All of our tours from Eilat to Petra include a border assistance service. More details about the crossing procedure can be found here.

More questions?
We add to this page as we get more frequently asked questions. If we didn’t yet answer yours, please feel free to contact us and we will reply to you as quickly as possible.