Kosher Trips to Petra

As a traveler, planning a kosher trip to Petra can be slightly confusing. Every year thousands of travelers who observe kosher food rules visit this amazing site, so we decided to try and debunk the question of how to plan a kosher trip to Petra.

Jordan is a Muslim country and not surprisingly, does not have any Kosher restaurants. However, with thousands of visitors coming to Petra every week from Israel, there is a large number of tourists who need kosher food at the site.

1. Kosher Restaurants in Petra

Jordan does not have a single Kosher restaurant (there was a Kosher restaurant at the site in the past, however this has long-since closed). At Petra, many of the restaurants are familiar with the requirements of Kosher travelers, due to the large number of Israeli and Jewish travelers who visit on a daily basis. The restaurants being used at Petra on most tours (all of the tours advertised through our site, for example), are all as accommodating as possible to the requirements of kosher travelers. The default lunch included in tour programs is an authentic Jordanian Bedouin style meal which includes meat, chicken, and many salads (hummus, vegetable salads, and so on). If you make a note in your booking, or send a message prior to the tour, it is possible to arrange a meal of grilled fish with salads, which for some kosher travelers is an acceptable solution when traveling in Jordan.

2. Bringing Kosher Food into Jordan from Israel

The Jordanian authorities introduced a law in 2012 which prohibited the entrance of food from Israel. In other words, you are not allowed to enter Jordan with Kosher food and if it was discovered at the border, it would be confiscated.

In practice, many travelers do bring snacks or food with them every day, without a problem. Officially speaking though, you cannot bring food into Jordan, meaning you cannot enter with Kosher food.

3. Buying fruit, vegetables, and bread in local markets

Jordan, like Israel, has great local markets, and in Wadi Musa, the village next to Petra, there are stores and stalls selling fresh fruit, vegetables, bread etc. On a group tour to Petra, the idea of breaking from the group to buy a lunch here is a little tricky (group tours include the price of lunch), but if you were to arrange a private tour to Petra and pre-advise of this requirement, it’s no problem for a stop to be arranged. Of course, the availability of a kitchen to prepare the meal is slightly tricky, but if you are happy with a lighter meal, this is a good solution.

Get Traveling

Ultimately, planning a Kosher trip to Petra is not so difficult if you are a little flexible and able to adapt to what’s available in Jordan. We are happy to help with any questions you might have about kosher travel to Petra. Please contact us, or check out our tours to Petra for more details about the options on offer.