Petra Tours for College and University Groups

One of our college groups at Petra Arranging Petra tours for college and university groups is one area in which we at Petra from Israel have developed a great deal of experience. Having worked with countless college and university groups from three continents, groups ranging in size from four to forty participants, we will be happy to share some top tips for arranging Petra tours for college and university groups:

Top tips for planning Petra tours for college and university groups:

Decide who’s going and when you want to go… even if it changes

It sounds like a stupid thing to say, but from our experience, defining a group size, and travel date, makes the planning experience so much easier. It’s simple to add or remove group members, or adjust the date after you have begun planning, but what’s complicated is to plan a tour for an undefined group size, on undefined dates. Get a rough idea of who wants to join your tour to Petra, and when will be convenient to travel, and contact us. Once we have this information we will be able to work with you to plan your trip.

Decide on a contact person

Local experiences! University group at Petra and Wadi Rum with our guideCollege and university groups planning tours can often be super-democratic in how they work, with all members being involved in the planning process. From our experience, working with groups where one member is designated responsible for the trip is far smoother for everybody involved. Whilst it seems like a great idea to have everybody in the email loop, what can result from this is a level of confusion. We find that the best planning strategy is for one person to be designated as contact person and discuss the trip with our team. We’ll then prepare an itinerary and proposal for the group, and can take the discussion from there. It’s a less stressful approach for everybody, and can make everything smoother.

Joining a group or private tour

Often when a group becomes larger than 6 people, the price for a private and custom tour to Petra can be similar to that of joining one of our regular group tours to Petra. A private tour to Petra means that we can totally customize the itinerary to your preferences, timeframe, and demands and wishes. It’s usually a preferable way to travel and suits the requirements of college and university groups very nicely. Having said that, joining a group tour can keep things more simple, and can eliminate a lot of the planning time and decision making which can make planning a college group tour to Petra a lengthier process, with many opinions and ongoing discussions.

Discuss things democratically, and put things out to vote

In a large group there will always be differing opinions, that’s obvious. But when it comes to visiting a once-in-a-lifetime destination such as Petra, people can become emotional and persistent with their demands. The best way to resolve these issues is to be democratic and take the group to vote. Remember our team has lots of experience in handling groups and is there to help you at all times.

Be very clear with the group about payment terms, cancellation and so on

We provide confirmation for our tours with clear details about the payment terms (usually taking place on the day of the tour), cancelation policy (usually possible up to 48 hours before), and any other special arrangements. It’s important to make sure that all members of the group are aware of these things.


Remember that when planning your trip with a professional agency, we have large experience in working with groups like yours. Planning a group trip to Petra is a super rewarding experience, and our team is there with you along the way to ensure that it’s as great as it possibly can be.

Start planning early

Why rush? Contact us early and we’ll be happy to take the rush out of your tour, and smoothly plan it from conception to travel.